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Safety Equipment


NIOSH-approved, Type-CE supplied-air respirator ensures your operators have safe breathing air and are compliant with safety regulations. Helmets should provide maximum protection and durability combined with comfort and mobility. When your operators are confident and comfortable during long and demanding shifts it will increase their productivity.


Carbon monoxide alarms alert operators if carbon monoxide enters their air supply. In helmet units have compact design and quickly attaches inside the helmet. Fixed installation, typically wall mounted, and capable of monitoring air for multiple respirators. Ideal for industrial use such as in blast rooms. Field portable units are designed for most outdoor, mobile blasting applications.


Comfort and safety increase productivity, which is especially true in a profession as hazardous as abrasive blasting. Help your operators do their jobs safely and more effectively, which helps you run a productive and compliant operation. We offer PPE accessories and protective clothing such as comfort vest, blast suits, cooling equipment, radio headset systems.