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Powder Booth

Batch Powder Booth

With an open front design, RTT’s batch powder booths (also known as a powder coating spray booth) are perfect for low volume powder applications. A cost-effective solution, this booth makes efficient use of shop space and is used for large or small parts.

Cartridge Batch Powder Booth

Our Cartridge Batch Powder Booths feature an open front (also known as open face) design and are ideal for small to midsize powder applications. To ensure cartridge filters remain clean, this booth is built with a purge control feature, which assures the safe operation of the cartiridge’s enclosure by maintaining the airflow at design levels.

Lab Powder Coating Booth

The versatile lab powder coating booth is engineered for small batch, manual applications and includes a compact plenum design offering a larger work area. Extremely quiet and environmentally friendly, this booth is a perfect solution for operations with limited finishing space.