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Batch Oven

RTT designs and fabricates batch ovens to meet a wide range of industrial curing applications for both liquid and powder coatings. RTT ovens are designed for efficient performance utilizing high-quality direct fired burners. The oven is designed around an internal frame structure which supports prefabricated, insulated oven panels that interlock, simplifying installation.

Process Oven

Process ovens serve a specific role for parts as they move through your conveyance system for heating, preheating, and curing. While batch ovens can require substantial labor and limited production ability, process ovens provide the most economically advantageous solution for a variety of applications.

Batch Cure Chamber

RTT Batch Cure Chambers are designed to accelerate the curing process in a wide range of applications on wood, metal and non-metallic substrates. After the coating application, parts are accumulated in the batch curing chamber to accelerate drying time of the coating and improve the ability to handle and process parts.