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Compressed Air – Treatment

Air Dryers

Using clean, dry air is extremely important for all kinds of air powered applications. Moisture and contamination in the air from the compressor discharge will result in many complications to production equipment. These complications will decrease productivity and may affect production quality. ACAT provides best in class compressed air dryers at a cost-effective price.

Air Filtration

Filters play a vital role in the compressed air process. Depending on the end use, strict purity standards require a variety of contaminants to be removed, including oil aerosols, vapors and particulates. Contaminants can enter the compressed air from a variety of sources. Intake air can introduce dust or pollen particulates, while corroded pipes can add harmful particulates from within the compressor system. Oil aerosols and vapors are often a byproduct of using oil injected compressors and must be filtered out before end use.

Oil Water Separators

Oil/water separators remove oil from collected condensate in a compressed air system. The oil is removed to prevent contaminants from draining into the environment. Designed to simultaneously process different types of oil with the use of proprietary media. Capable of 24 hour continuous operation. No electricity required and no moving parts. The Accu-Zorb utilizes multi-stage separation technology with proprietary media to remove lubricating oils from condensate streams. In the first stage, the sediment chamber collects and helps prevent rust, dirt, and scale from migrating into the main reservoir. The second stage is the large main reservoir, which provides sufficient residence time to allow oil to coagulate and float to the surface. Next, the pre-adsorption chamber removes the segment of oils that are still in the solution or have migrated through to this chamber. In the final stage, the proprietary media ensures that the condensate will meet or exceed the discharge limits.