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Blast Pot


Simplicity, safety, reliability and performance – Many years on tough jobs, such as removing corrosion, preparing surfaces for coating and maintaining heavy equipment, have proved that the brands we represent deliver unmatched performance and exceptional value. If your jobs vary from touchup to demanding, from coal slag to crushed glass and anything in between, a 1/2 to 6-cuft pot that is portable offers the flexibility and mobility you need.


4 and 6-cuft pressure vessels built with extra mobility and durability. Contractor Blast Machine comes mounted on an ergonomic cart made from heavy-duty steel tubing. This built-in cart makes it easy to move your blast machine. The cart’s handles form a cage that protects the components most likely to be damaged—remote control valves, piping, CPF breathing air filter.

Big Clem

High-production blasting with multiple operators and minimal downtime for refills for your shipyard, energy industry, storage tank, rail yard, and infrastructure surface preparation applications. The industry’s highest rated bulk blasters.