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AC Recovery

Two Post Lifts

Rotary Lift is the nation’s leading manufacturer of two post lifts by continually improving our designs and engineering – and we’re not stopping now. We’re in constant pursuit of better design and functionality in order to create long-lasting lifts and safe more productive shops. Whatever you might need in a two post car lift – asymmetrical or symmetrical– you’re in the right place.

Four Post Lifts

For easier vehicle spotting and compatibility with today’s most advanced alignment systems, you need a four post lift. And when you need a four post lift, there’s only one manufacturer that should raise your interes —Rotary Lift. Our four post lifts can create significant value for your shop when it comes to increased efficiency during general vehicle maintenance, alignments, and multipoint inspections—especially when you add our Shockwave technology for rises and descents that are twice as fast.

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