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The Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet

The Aerolyte PSB 2342B Bicarbonator Pressure Blast Cabinet is designed specifically for use with sodium bicarbonate media for degreasing, cleaning, and paint stripping. Soda media is non-toxic, nonhazardous, and soft, making it ideal for delicate substrates; and it is water-soluble simplifying the process of residual media removal and disposal.

Unique patented ClearView™ ventilation technology provides outstanding visibility during soda blasting, unlike any other cabinet on the market.

The Aerolyte Bicarbonator Cabinet Features




The system comes with a 3/16-inch (No. 3) orifice pressure blast nozzle, which consumes 38 cfm of compressed air when blasting at 80 psi. The nozzle features a tungsten carbide liner, ensuring a long wear life.

Available Literature:

 24178 - The Bicarbonator Pressure Blast Cabinet

The Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet