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Reverse-Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector - RPC Model

For medium- and high-production applications, a pull-through cartridge-style exhaust system is recommended. ZERO RPC models trap dust in wire-reinforced, pleated-polyester fiber cartridges. A periodic pulse of compressed air reverses the flow of air through the cartridge, knocking off the caked-on dust without interrupting the blast operation. The dust automatically falls into a tray at the bottom of the collector. Two standard RPC-2 dual-cartridge models are available rated 600- or 900-cfm. HEPA filtration is available as an option.

Reverse-pulse collectors feature wire-reinforced, pleated-polyester fiber filter cartridges for high production and multi-shift blast operations.

Available Literature:

23337 - Blast Cabinet Dust Collection

Reverse-Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector - RPC Model