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Pulsar III-P Pressure Blast Cabinet

System Description

Heavy-duty 14-gauge cabinet shell, all-welded construction; 12.5” x 19.5” safety-glass view window; fluorescent lighting with dual 20-watt tubes; heavyduty industrial-quality adjustable chrome latches; unique air-logic system to maximize efficient use of compressed air, provides optimal media reclamation and dust collection; cabinet-mounted reverse-pulse dust collector with 1 HP motor and 195 square feet of filter area; compressed-air filter; pressure regulator; easily removable dust drum for material disposal; 1.0 cu ft capacity ASME-code pressure vessel.




Common Applications

Dust Collector

Reverse pulse cartridge dust collector (which traps 99.7% of dust down to 0.5 micron) allows non-stop, high-production blasting. The polyestercellulose cartridge is automatically pulse cleaned for maximum filter efficiency. Worn cartridge can be replaced in minutes.

Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle

The system comes with a 3/16” orifice a Tungsten Carbide pressure blast nozzle, which consumes 38 cfm of compressed air when blasting at 80 psi. The nozzle's longwearing properties ensure hundreds of hours of service with glass bead media.

Popular Accessories

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Pulsar III-P Pressure Blast Cabinet