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MediPulse 2342se Suction Blast Cabinet

The ZERO MediPulse is a high-production, ergonomic suction blast cabinet designed specifically to enhance productivity and efficiency by offering a safe and comfortable work station for blast operators. Repetitive work is made easier by allowing workers to concentrate on achieving the desired surface treatment, working from a seated position at their option. Cabinet design minimizes floor space requirements.

MediPulse Suction Cabinet Features:




Common Applications

• Adjustable Gun Mount

• Adjustable Vortex Tube (for lightweight media)

• Alox Kit

• Curtains (black or high-visibility white)

• HEPA filter

• Manometer Kit

• 20" Dia. Turntable

• Two Gallon Tumble Basket

• Timed Door Release

• Magnetic screen

• Rubber work grate mat

• Pressure blast system

• Media catch trays on doors

• Automatic pulse kit

• Table/work tray with internal track

• Bolt-on arm rest

• Stainless steel construction

• Noise reduction package

• Other options per customer specifications

Available Literature:

25178 - MediPulse 2342se Suction Blast Cabinet

MediPulse 2342se Suction Blast Cabinet