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Synthetic - RotoLub 8000

RotorLub 8000 is a superior PAO (polyalphaolefin)/MFSE (multi-functional synthetic ester) blend formulated with proven additive components that is idea for applications which require extended operating intervals. RotoLub 8000 is formulated for excellent condensate oil/water separation.

spacer Synthetic - RotoLub 8000

Food Grade - RotoLube 4000FG

RotorLub 4000FG is a long-life, custom-blended polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon food grade fluid specifically formulated for flooded screw compressors. Its unique blend gives improved lubrication at high and low temperatures, reduction in volatility and is compatible with mineral oils and equipment designed for use with mineral oils.

Food Grade - RotoLube 4000FG spacer

Semi-Synthetic - RotoLub 4000

RotorLub 4000 is a 4000 hour service life, semi-synthetic, severely hydrotreated lubricant formulated with a unique patented anti-oxidant package.  This lubricant offers outstanding thermal and oxidation stability, while minimizing varnish formation.  RotoLub 4000 contains characteristics of a synthetic in a petroleum blend.

Semi-Synthetic - RotoLub 4000