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Electric Timed Drains

Champion's P14240A electric timed drain is effective over a wide range of applications because its dual timer allows the user to accurately set the correct drain cycle.  Its compact sixe and light weight allow the timer to be installed directly on drain points on filters, separators, dryers, drop lefs, and air compressor receivers.  The sealed high impact timer enclosure provides weather tight protection.


Motorized Ball Valve

Designed for heavy duty applications High pressure capabilities up to 600 psig Microprocessor based electronics 10 programmable settings Weatherproof enclosure for indoor/outdoor operation Batttery back-up on power failure Double O-ring seal on valve shaft Manual test button Corrosion resistant valve coating Reliable long-life Visual operation indicators

Motorized Ball Valve spacer

Flow Controller - PowerMizer

The Gardner Denver PowerMizer provides the best combination of both power production and equipment protection from a single soure. PowerMizers allow you to store high pressure air in your tank and control the pressure that is allowed to enter into your system.

Flow Controller - PowerMizer