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Condensate Management

Air compressors regularly produce water, due to the compression process. Proper removal of this moisture, prior to entering the plant air system, is essential in preventing costly damage to dryers, air tools, gauges and other critical components. Champion's condensate management products (automatic drains and oil/water separators) can reliably separate and remove condensate in your air system.


Oil Water Separators

Condensate generated by lubricated type air compressors is comprised of atmospheric borne water vapor and lubricant from the compression process. Regardless of site conditions, it is virtually impossible to remain legally compliant with local discharge regulations without proper separation equipment. The oil/water separators from Champion ensure effective separation and keep you compliant.

Oil Water Separators spacer

Electric Timed Drains

Champion's Timed Electric Drains operate by utilizing two timed settings that a user can program according to their application and drain needs. The drains have one timer that is set for the interval between each time the drain opens. The second timer is set for the amount of time that the drain is open. During the draining process there will be a minimal amount of air lost.


Pneumatic, Mechanical Drains - CDV1 Series

The CDV1 Series is a zero air loss, pneumatic, mechanical drain that is designed to automatically remove liquid, oil, and water contaminants from compressed air system components. The efficient bowl size and large quiet zone ensures that no re-entrainment of liquid accumulates back into the air stream.


Electronic Demand Drain - CDV2

The CDV2 electronic demand drain is designed to remove condensate from a 425 scfm - 81,000 scfm system without any air loss. It uses electronic sensor to detect the level of condensate and signal the valve to open, discharging the liquid.  The valve is open for a preset time and closes prior to any air loss.