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Champion Compressor Filters

Champion compressor filters provide your compressed air system with premium quality filtration for major contaminant types. These filters offer innovative designs for all applications. The variety of filters that are offered through Champion ensure that you can count on clean dry air, to meet any unique environment conditions.


Air Filters - CFF Series

CFF Series air filters provide your compressed air system with premium quality filtration by offering seven grades of filters to meet your unique appication and environment.  CFF Series Air Filters are rated to meet the ISO 8573.1 Quallity Class guidelines for compressed air.

spacer Air Filters - CFF Series

Mist Eliminators - CFE Series

Champion's CFE Series Mist Eliminators are used to reduce energy costs and remove oil and water aerosols from compressed air systems.  They also protect products and processes from contamination, increase the life of pneumatic equipment, help eliminate paint appearance and adhesion problems, and keep pneumatic instruments operating.

Mist Eliminators - CFE Series spacer

Spin On Filters - CFG Series

Champion CFG Series Spin On filters are leading the way removing airborne contaminants such as dust, water vapor, and hydrocarbons in the compressed air system. Customization is easy with CFG Series' four filter options which remove particles from 5 micron in size to that of oil vapor and odors.

Spin On Filters - CFG Series spacer


Champion’s compact, modular Filters-Regulators-Lubricators (FRL’s) are the perfect choice for the most demanding applications.  By combining these three items - filters, regulators and lubricators - you receive standard 5 micron filtration, excellent regulator flow characteristics with minimal pressure drop and high quality lubrication to your vital pneumatic components.