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BNP Suction Blast Guns

ZERO's BNP gun directs a high-speed mixture of air and abrasive to quickly remove corrosion, mill scale, coatings, heat treatment residue, carbon buildup, tool marks, and burrs.  The blast stream from a BNP gun can produce a uniform texture or create an etched finish to increase bonding strength for coatings.

High-performance blast gun provides comfortable grip for operator, and allows precise control of blast pattern.  The BNP gun keeps the air jet and blast nozzle precisely aligned to maximize blast efficiency and minimize gun-body wear.  

A knurled nut at gun outlet allows operator to change nozzles without tools.  Gun accepts a variety of nozzles and extensions, so operator can select the best nozzle size and nozzle composition for the application.  

Works with most recyclable blast media – glass bead, ceramics, aluminum oxide, and some sizes of steel grit and shot.  Select appropriate blast media for your application.  

Requirements for Operation

Description of Operation

The air jet at the back of the nozzle directs a high-speed stream of compressed air through the mixing chamber and out the nozzle.  The rapid passage of this air generates negative pressure, causing blast media to flow into the mixing chamber and out the nozzle.  This technology is widely known as venturi or suction blasting.

The operator holds the BNP gun at a predetermined distance and angle, relative to the surface being blasted.  The BNP gun can clean, finish, or peen the part being blasted.  By moving the gun and the part, the operator quickly covers as much of the surface as needs blasting.

A cast-in hole at the top allows the operator to attach the BNP gun to a fixed bracket (not included).  The part can then be moved under the nozzle for blasting, freeing the operator’s hands to manipulate the part.

When the part is sufficiently processed, the operator releases the pedal to stop blasting.


BNP Suction Blast Guns

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