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BNP 65 Suction Blast Cabinet

BNP blast cabinets deliver efficient, affordable media blasting to clean, peen, deburr, or finish parts. The BNP 65 (enclosure size: 36 by 36 by 38 inches) is available in suction and pressure blast models, and accepts popular options - turntables and tracks for heavy parts, vertical doors to speed loading, and other Options Plus modifications. Shown with 600 CFM reclaimer (rear mounted) and dry filter dust collector. Also available with optional reverse-pulse dust collector.

BNP 65 Suction Cabinets Feature:




Common Applications

vailable Literature:

20006 - BNP 65 Suction Blast Cabinet

20007 - BNP 65 Pressure Blast Cabinet

23340 - Options Plus for Abrasive Blast Cabinets

BNP 65 Suction Blast Cabinet